Demographic and clinical details: 20-year-old male patient was admitted with left knee pain today.

Image Details: 2 Plane Knee X-Ray shows irregularly outlined sclerotic lesion involving the distal meta-epiphyseal region of left femur with wide zone of transition, cloud-like bone formation (green arrows). Note aggressive interrupted periosteal reaction (Codman Triangle (white arrows)). Tumor location (femur metaphysis (Around knee)), Patient age (< 30 years), Radiographical findings (osteoid matrix, aggressive periosteal reaction (Codman triangle) suggest the diagnosis of osteogenic sarcoma. Cortical destruction and soft tissue extension is seen better on CT when compared with radiography.  Histopathological    examination confirmed the diagnosis of osteosarcoma.

Conventional Radiography are the most important imaging method for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of bone tumors and also to determine whether further examination is necessary or not.


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